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Beckett AF

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To the Homeowner or Equipment Owner:To the Professional, Qualified Installer or • Please read and carefully follow all instructions Service Agency: provided in this manual regarding your responsi-• Please read and carefully follow all instructionsbilities in caring for your heating equipment. provided in this manual before installing, starting, • Contact a professional, qualified service agency or servicing this burner or heating system. for installation, start-up or service work. • The Installa

Beckett VBBO2602

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TruSear™ Griller VBBO2602 Base for Wok Top/Cooker, 24"W. Refreshment Center, 24"W. Rangetop, or 24"W. TruSear™ Griller VUR02400 Base for 15"W. refrigeration products VUR03200 Base for 24"W. refrigeration products VBBO1601 VBBO2602 VURO2400 VURO3200 Overall width 15-5/8” (39.7 cm) 26-3/8” (67.0 cm) 24” (61.0 cm) 32” (81.3 cm) Overall height (from bottom) 34-1/2" (87.6 cm) Overall depth (from rear) To end of handle brackets 31-7/8” (81.0 cm) 29-7/8' 31-7/8” (81.0 cm) ' (75.9 cm) N/A N/A

Beckett AFG Oil Burner

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Omitting the baffle can result in unacceptable burner combustion. . Inspect all gaskets. Replace any that are damaged or would fail to seal adequately. . Clean the blower wheel, air inlet, air guide, retention head and static plate of any lint or foreign material. . If motor is not permanently lubricated, oil motor with a few drops of SAE 20 nondetergent oil at each oil hole. DO NOT over oil motor. Excessive oiling can cause motor failure. . Check motor current. The Amp draw should not exceed th

Beckett R7184

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These developments have enabled control manufacturers to put high-performance features into residential primary controls. Since its introduction in 1999, the Beckett R7184 primary control has made advancements and added features to meet the need of a changing industry. This technical bulletin will discuss some of the new benefits and wiring improvements to the Beckett R7184 revision 5 primary control. The operational sequence, interrupted ignition, limited recycle and reset, diagnostic LED and

Beckett SL7175

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PO Box 100 BOYERTOWN, PA 19512 1-610-369-1450 1-10-06 Be Aware of Hazard Definitions Denotes presence of a hazard which, if ignored, will result in severe personal injury, death or property damage Denotes presence of a hazard which, if ignored could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. Denotes the presence of a hazard, which if ignored, could result in minor personal injury or property damage Intended to bring attention to information, but not related to person

Beckett BRYAN STEAM CF1400

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A COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Models: CF375 • CF500 • CF800 • CF1000 • CF1400 • CF2300A • CF2500A • CF3500A Specifications for commercial and industrial oil-fired heating appliances. Bryan Steam DR Series Boiler Boiler Burner Chassis Spec. Air Tube Combination High Fire Rate Head Nozzle Setting Blue -Low Fire Air or Shutter Red -High Fire Air or Band Low Fire Pump Press. High Fire Pump Press. Pressure Firing Flange Insertion 250 CF375 BCF3907 CF56KZ 1.79 1.50x60ES 1 10 1/2 N/A 140 51311 5.00" 3

Beckett 30"W

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Open Burner Range Standard Features & Accessories All models include • Large, self-cleaning convection oven (see indiv. models for dimensions) o Eight functions: two-element bake, convection bake, Mini-Broil, Maxi- Broil, convection broil, TruConvec™ convection cooking (element around fan), convection dehydrate, and convection defrost o Three heavy-duty racks/six rack positions o Two lights • Exclusive VariSimmer™ setting for all burners • Removable porcelain burner bowls • Drip tray with rolle

Beckett GENISYS 52040

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The GeniSys is used with a suitable cad cell flame sensor to control the oil burner motor, igniter, and optional solenoid valve. It has 24 Vac thermostat terminals (if applicable) compatible with both mechanical and many power stealing thermostats. It can provide interrupted or intermittent duty ignition, and it has a 15-second lockout time. Features & Benefits Thermostat and boiler control compatible Customizable pre-time and post-time Three status lights for system monitoring and diagnostics W

Beckett Jets 1000

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Description 307032 Beckett AFG 115 307036 Beckett AFG 230 12 Volt DC Oil Burner • 12 Volt solid state ignition • 1/6 HP • 3450 RPM Oil Electric Motor Part No. Description Valve Eye RPM 307059 Beckett 14V Yes – 3100 307061 Beckett 13.5V Yes Yes 3100 NOTE: Proper operation requires an engine with 16+ Amp alternator and deep cycle battery on nightly, overnight recharge Blower Wheels Part No. Beckett Part No. Description 079513 2288U 5-3/4D x 3-7/16W SF-SM 079515 2383U 6-1/4D x 3-7/16W SR 079517 299

Beckett AQUASMART 7600

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All models include the option of enabling Beckett HeatManager™ dynamic temperature reset that, when selected, provides up to 20% fuel consumption savings. The control includes a backlit LCD digital display with touch pad to easily program temperature limits, differentials, and other advanced options. The AquaSmart™ also has memory storage of system history for help with diagnostics and troubleshooting. Table of Contents Features....................................................................