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These boxes are made of durable ABS plastic and are made to securely mount a pushplate and a variety of optional transmitters to activate an automatic door. Many of the boxes have an optional weather ring to give even more weather protection to the switch. They are also designed to attractively recess the pushplate in the housing to and to minimize vandalism from prying up the pushplate. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION COMPONENT ID PUSHPLATE SIZE PUSHPLATE SERIES SURFACE MOUNT BOX FLUSH MOUNT BOX WEATHE

BEA Eagle HM

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These adjustments can be made with BEA’s universal remote control. Other accessories available for the Eagle include the false ceiling adapter (ECA), and the rain protection cover (ERA). PRELIMINARY TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency: 24.125 GHz Supply voltage: 12 to 24 V AC : ± 10% : 12 to 24 V DC : -10% / +30% : Mounting height: 16.5 feet Tilt angle: 0° to 90° vertical -30° to +30° lateral Detection area: 13.1 ft x 8.2 ft Minimum detection speed: 2in/sec. (measured in axis) Power consumption:


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BEA 19208

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Remove the screw and take off the door. 4. Locate the chime and pushbutton jumpers shown below. Push Button Jumpers Chime Jumpers 5. Jumpers 1-6 are used to select 1 of 64 possible home security codes. 6. To change the house code, add or remove jumpers as needed. It is recommended to change only one jumper at a time and then test the system for proper operation. Positions 1-6 on the chime and pushbutton must match exactly. Push Button Mounting Instructions Note: Avoid mounting the push button on

BEA 19242

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Remove the battery cover on the chime. 2. Remove the white Styrofoam block 3. Unplug the red and black wires inside the battery compartment. 4. Remove the battery pack and discard appropriately. StyrofoamBlock House Code Door Try-Me Wires Chime components Required Tools: Small flat blade screwdriver, drill, 1/16” and 5/32” drill bits, and phillips screwdriver. Included Hardware: (2) Plastic screw anchors (2) 4x20mm screws (2) 3x20mm screws (2) Double sided adhesive pads The wireless door chime K


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In addition, the push plate housing can be directly installed to any flat surface such as a wall or push plate mounting post using standard screws. Powerful Design The sleek, NEMA-4 unit is tamper-resistant with a recessed front plate and beveled edges. Aesthetically pleasing with a slim line 1.5 in. depth and no visible mounting holes on the front page. BEA-Quality Plate All active plate made of durable stainless steel. Lifetime warranty on face plate. WWW.BEASENSORS.COM HALMA CROUP COMP

BEA Halma PBS45 Series

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Screws on the front plate allow for quick removal while still remaining functional, aesthetically appealing and weather resistant. A Plate Revolution, Now! Screws are on the outside surface allowing easy removal or installation of push plate Perfect for wall applications because they are easy to see, but unobtrusive to the aesthetics of the building Beveled edges provide a tamper and vandal proof solution to your push plate needs, allowing no room to get objects between plate and box An all

BEA Bollards 10PBDGP1

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Thread the pushplate screws into the mounting box leaving a majority of the screw exposed. Attach the pushplate to the mounting screws, then use the hex key provided to fully tighten the screws. Refer to the appropriate Pushplate User’s Guide for detailed installation and setup instructions. 75.0131.05 20080606 Page 3 of 4 5 Installation (Continued) 6 Attach Transmitter TRANSMITTER MOUNTING TRAY NOTE: PANTHER PUSHPLATES DO NOT REQUIRE A TRANSMITTER. ATTACH TO PUSHPLATE ATTACH TRANSMITTER HERE CA


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The faceplates are made of 1/16” thick stainless steel for durable use. 1. Determine the mounting location of the pushplate. Use the enclosed mounting template if the pushplate is to be attached directly to the door jamb, otherwise, the pushplate will mount directly into a jamb-style box with a 3 %” hole spacing. 2. If the pushplate is to be mounted directly to the jamb tube, use the template and mark the drill locations by tapping the holes with a hammer and center punch. Then proceed to dril


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