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Avocent DSR1010

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The DSRIQ-SRL (serial) module is a DCE device that provides the primary interface between a serial device and a DSR appliance. It provides VT100 terminal emulation, break suppression and port history in a convenient module. The DSRIQ-SRL is compatible with the ARI port of a DSR system. These DSRIQ modules eliminate the need for extra rack space or additional cables. The connection between the DSR system and DSRIQ modules is via industry standard UTP cabling. DSR Installer/User Guide DSR Installe

Avocent DSR DSR800

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Follow the lettered and numbered instructions below to successfully install your DSR unit. The figure below illustrates one possible configuration. Figure 2.2: Basic DSR Configuration WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to your equipment- - Do not disable the power cord grounding plug. The grounding plug is an important safety feature. - Plug the power cord into a grounded (earthed) outlet that is easily accessible at all times. - Disconnect the power from the unit by unplugg

Avocent 416

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DANGEROUS VOLTAGE This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. POWER ON This symbol indicates the principal on/off switch is in the on position. POWER OFF This symbol indicates the principal on/off switch is in the off position. PROTECTIVE GROUNDING TERMINAL This symbol indicates a terminal which must be connected to earth ground prio

Avocent 180ES

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The switch uses this information to initialize the keyboard and mouse interfaces of the servers. If the servers are turned on before the switch, the servers may exhibit abnormal or erratic behavior. To power up the OutLook switch system: 1. Turn on the monitors. 2. Turn on the primary switch. 3. Turn on the servers attached to the primary switch. 4. Turn on the secondary switch (if applicable). 5. Turn on the servers attached to the secondary switch (if applicable). Checking the OutLook s

Avocent 424

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• Test AC outlets at the computer and monitor for proper polarity and grounding. • Use only with grounded outlets at both the computer and monitor. When using a backup power supply (UPS), power the computer, the monitor and the AutoView 424 unit off the supply. NOTE: The AC inlet is the main disconnect. Rack mount safety considerations • Elevated Ambient Temperature: If installed in a closed rack assembly, the operation temperature of the rack environment may be greater than room ambient. Use ca

Avocent Emerge MPX1500

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Display device control information, content protection and interactive device control signals, including IR and serial are passed from source to sink through the extension network, providing a fully integrated solution. Ideal for professional high-definition media applications, the MPX1500 transmitter and receiver feature a universal media port based upon a locking digital video interface (DVI-I) connector. This media port allows for extension of digital and analog media formats, including: DVI-

Avocent 140ES

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The maximum length should not exceed 10 meters (32.8 feet). WARNING: Always disconnect power before changing any wiring. To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to the equipment, this product must be installed in accordance with the following guidelines. This product is intended to be connected to a DC power source that can be classified as a secondary circuit in accordance with applicable national requirements for Information Technology Equipment. Generally, these requirements are base

Avocent 280ES

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2 No. 950, EN60950, IEC 60950 FCC part 15A, EN55022, EN55024 Table of Contents Chapter 1: Product Overview OutLook ES Features and Benefits.................3 Safety Precautions..............................5 Chapter 2: Installation Getting Started.................................9 Rack Mounting your OutLook ES Unit.............9 Installing a 4- or 8-Port Switch ..................11 Installing a 16-Port Switch......................13 Installing a Multiple Switch System...............15

Avocent DSR4010

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NOTE: Scanning will begin as soon as the scan button is checked. To cancel scan mode: 1. Select a server if OSCAR is open. -or- Move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard if OSCAR is not open. Scanning will stop at the currently selected server. -or- If OSCAR is not open, press Print Screen. The Main dialog box will appear. 2. Click Commands. The Commands dialog box appears. 3. Clear Scan Enable. Setting Console Security Use the Security dialog box to set security on your local port console

Avocent L Series

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The host computer must at a minimum provide standby power. • A Desktop Appliance that is plugged into an appropriate AC outlet. • A 1 Gigabit (Gb) Ethernet switch that is powered up. Desktop Appliance/PCI Add In Card Physical Link LED is blinking A blinking Physical Link LED indicates that the link is connected to a 100 Mb device (rapid blink), or a 10 Mb device (slow blink). Reconnect the link directly to the PCI Add In Card/Desktop Appliance, or through a 1 Gb Ethernet switch. Desktop App