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Remember the settings that work best to get ideal drying results. The COOL DOWN period at the end of each cycle provides items a chance to tumble with no heat and cool down to room temperature. This prevents wrinkles from setting if items cannot be cared for immediately. The ENERGY SAVER/DAMP DRY settings, marked with a dot (•), show which settings will use the least energy and will leave items damp for easier ironing. NOTE: The timer knob will not advance as quickly in the AUTOMATIC cycles a

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Remove any pieces of food that are nearly defrosted. Let stand, covered, for 5-10 minutes. Ground Meat 0.5-3.0 lbs. After each stage, remove any pieces of food that are nearly defrosted. Let stand, covered with foil, for 5-10 minutes. Whole Chicken 2.5-6.0 lbs. Remove giblets before freezing poultry. Start defrosting with the breast side down. After the first stage, turn the chicken over and shield any warm portions with narrow strips of aluminum foil. After the second stage, again shield any wa

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(If the dryer changes ownership, be sure this manual accompanies the dryer.) Modèle: (Sécheuses électriques) CE3402 CONSERVER CES INSTRUCTIONS. (Dans le cas d'un chargement de propriétaire, s'assurer que ce mode d'emploi accompagne la sécheuse.) Part No. 62634 Amana No. 10380123 Pièce n2 62634 Amana n2 10380123 5/91 How To Use Your Dryer Determine Proper Cycle Your dryer provides you with three (3) drying cycles to select from: • Automatic Permanent Press/ Knits • Automatic Regular - D


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5000 Dishwasher ana A Raytheon Company .AvoS'lo ŸO\ Use and Care Manual Read this manual carefully and keep it handy to help you operate and maintain your new dishwasher properly. Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions.. . .2 Operating the Dishwasher.... 3-5 Checking Water Temperature. . .4 Using a Rinse Agent........ 4 Choosing Detenjent........ 4-5 Preparing Dishes for Washing.. . .5 Dishwasher-Safe Items........ 6 Loading the Dishwasher...... 7-R Loading the Top Ra

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If this is not long enough, use a new drain hose with a maximum length of 12' (3.7 m) (Part Number 3385556) that meets all current AHAM/IAPMO test standards, is resistant to heat and detergent, and fits the 1" (2.5 cm) drain connector of the dishwasher. • Make sure to connect drain hose to waste tee or disposer inlet above drain trap in house plumbing and 20" (50.8 cm) minimum above the floor. It is recommended that the drain hose either be looped up and securely fastened to the underside of th

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Box 370 Cleveland, TN 37320-2370 Ph# 1-800-688-9900 in U.S.A. 1-800-688-2002 au Canada Internet: Keep instructions for future reference. Keep this manual and your sales receipt together in a safe place in case warranty service is required. Contents Introduction .................................................................2 Important Safety Information ...................................3-4 Installation Instructions ...............................................4 Temperature Control ........

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See "ABOUT YOUR AUTOMATIC CYCLES." LOAD TYPES FOR AUTOMATIC REGULAR CYCLE MAXI-DRY - For fabrics that absorb a lot of water such as cotton quilts, rugs and unusually large or heavy items. This setting probably won't be required for most loads. NORMAL - For cottons such as cotton knits, corduroys, cotton work clothes and mixed loads. LESS DRY OR DELICATE - For medium and lightweight fabrics (not permanent press) as in dresses, dress shirts and for delicate items. These cycles have approximat

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At first fill, approximately 1 minute make sure water completely covers filter surface. . At pump-out: (pump-out is either when the cycle is completed or canceled. refer to the Use and Care Manual for Start/Cancel), make sure all water is pumped out. Check water connections again for leaks. Electric Shock Hazard If all connections are correct, there are no leaks, and unit runs properly, replace the kickplate assembly before placing unit into operation. Failure to follow this warning could result

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This prevents wrinkling when garments cannot be removed from the dryer immediately. By pressing the EXTENDED TUMBLE button to “on.” the AUTOMATIC REGULAR/DELICATE and AUTOMATIC PERMANENT PRESS/ KNITS cycles will tumble an additional 40 minutes. 7. Select timer setting in cycle desired: AUTOMATIC REGULAR/DELICATE, TIME DRY. NO HEAT, AUTOMATIC WRINKLE OUT, and AUTOMATIC PERMANENT PRESS/KNITS. These cycles control the drying time. OFF AUTOMATIC PERMANENT PRESS/KNITS AUTOMATIC WRINKLE OUT COO