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AllerAir FAP02

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Filter Change Indicator: The Air Purifier is equipped with a state-of-the-art filter life analyzer. Unlike timers and other conventional filter change indicators, the analyzer recognizes gradual changes in the filter condition over time and displays a warning signal when it is time to change the filter. If the Air Purifier is used in an environment with high particle concentrations, such as a room with new carpeting, woodworking, etc., the analyzer will detect excessive particle collection and p

AllerAir 6000 Series

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Lay the unit upside down, so that the wheels face up. Step 2 Using a #2 Philips screwdriver, remove the four screws that hold the base onto the unit. Step 7 Replace the base,making sure the arrow on the gold sticker lines up with unit's rear seam. Step 8 Replace the four screws. Step 9 Turn the unit back onto its wheels. It is now ready for use. Step 3 Grasp the wheels. Remove the base by pulling gently on the wheels. Step 5 Gently insert the carbon filter (either a Model D,DS or DX Carbon) into

AllerAir 5000 Series

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Toll Free: 1888-852-8247 Fax: 1-877-688-2193 REPLACE THE PRE-FILTER Make sure the unit is set to "off" and the unit is unplugged. Lay the unit on its side. Slowly remove the dirty filter to avoid dispersing its contents. Gently insert it into a plastic bag before discarding. Insert the new filter by pressing it gently against the sides of the carbon filter inside the unit These replacement filters will extend the life of your AllerAir unit. Please be sure to follow the instructions for cha

AllerAir 4000 Series

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An additional 5-year warranty is provided on parts. This product is not covered against damage resulting from misuse. This warranty is provided to the original purchaser and may not be transferred. A return authorization number is required for warranty repairs. Please contact AllerAir at 1-888-852-8247 for more information. THEALLERAIRAIRFILTRATIONSYSTEM ACTIVATED CARBON Your AllerAir air purifier contains activated carbon that permanently traps dangerous airborne chemicals, gases and odors. Thi

AllerAir 3000 Vocarb

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Fire Smoke Contains a Highly Complex Mixture of Particles and Gases cAlle'cA" Industries AllerAir Vocarb Series ■ Change the air every 30 minutes Contain pounds of activated carbon Have a 3 speed American made motor for economy and reliablity Available in 9 designer colors Come with a 5 year limited warranty High Efficiency Air Purifiers The safest most effective air purification available today In normal circumstances indoor air is often more unhealthy than outdoor air With the terribl

AllerAir 5000 DX

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AR 2000 Series $1299.98 to $2099.98 USA CANADA ITALY 9400 HEPA and 15 lbs. of carbon. $999.98 9500 Restorator HEPA and 15 lbs of Carbon or 30 lbs. of Carbon. or 4" HEPA (no carbon) from $999.98 All prices in US $ 5000 Pro $699.98 D Model $ 699.98 DX Model $ 799.98 Pamphlet Rest/Construction Oct. 3 /2005 A AAi iir rr S SSc ccr rru uub bbb bbe eer rrs ss a aan nnd dd N NNe eeg gg A AAi iir rr P PPu uur rri iif ffi iie eer rrs ss Air Rhino 2000 Dual Purpose Designed specifically for renovation, res

AllerAir 5000 D and DX

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2 Anti-microbial filters. Anti-microbial pre-filters. 15 lb. granular activated carbon filter. HEPA filter. (or micro-wrap) Changes air in 1200 sq.ft. every 15 minutes 3 speed fan up to 400 CFM. Easy to carry 21" 15" (45 lbs.) Powder coated steel body. UV germicidal lamp Dual air flow: Air is circulated twice over the UV lamps for maximum sterilization. 10 or 20 watt option. Models 5000 D and DX The power of MAC-B CARBON with a unique refillable carbon filter bed. Up to 28 lbs. granular activate

AllerAir 600 Series

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It is now ready for immediate use. ^Aller Air Industries Model 600 Series Operation and Maintenance Manual AllerAir Industries Inc. Toll free: 1-888-852-8247 / Fax: 1-877-688-3939 AllerAir Industries Inc. 600 Series Congratulations,you are moments away from fresher, cleaner indoor air. Your new AllerAir unit will combat many of the chemicals, gases, odors and particles responsible for poor indoor air quality, and in turn, health concerns such as allergies,asthma, sick building syndrome an

AllerAir 9150 W

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main carbon cannister filter for adsorbing odors and chemicals contained in welding or soldering fumes which may be detrimental to your health. Pre-filter 2" Pre-filter to capture large particles Recommended filter replacement schedule Filters life cycle can widely vary with the environment the air purifiers are used in. Available with two 4" flex

AllerAir 9640

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Chemicals, Gases and к ^^^^_Odors Model 9620/9630/9640 Home, office and restorators. Air purification systems Filter Airborne Particles, Chemicals, Gases and Odors. For clean room quality indoor air. HEPA filter ■ 2" mini pleat medical grade HEPA filter. ■ HEPA warm rolled to prevent cracking at folds. ■ Laser tested to ensure integrity. ■ Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Pre-filter ■ Easy to change ( 1/2 minute ) pull out pre-filter. Carbon filter ■ Granulated act