Teledyne OT-3

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Hazardous voltages exist on certain components internally which may persist for a time even after the power is turned off and disconnected. Only authorized personnel should conduct maintenance and/or servicing. Before conducting any maintenance or servicing, consult with authorized supervisor/manager. Teledyne Analytical Instruments Model OT-3 Copyright © 2000 Teledyne Analytical Instruments All Rights Reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retr

Teledyne EHE

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After the tank is refilled, the appliance must be re-started according to the instructions located on the inside of the door. 3A. Start-Up Procedure With any new pool or spa installation, run the filter pump with the heater off long enough to completely clean the water. This removes any installation residue from the water. Clean the filter at Figure 24. Temperature Rise Measurement at Return Header. the end of this operation before starting the heater. Do not operate the heater unless the pool i

Teledyne 3020T

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The instrument has two simple operator controls. A digital meter, an alphanumeric display, and a sample flowmeter give the operator constant feedback from the instrument. See Figure 1-1. The controls are described briefly here and in greater detail in chapter 4. Figure 1-1: Model 3020T Controls, Indicators, and Connectors Teledyne Analytical Instruments 1 Introduction Model 3020T 1.5.1 UP/DOWN Switch Functions: The UP/DOWN switch is used to select the function to be performed. Choose UP or DOWN

Teledyne LLD

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3. Pipe fittings must be considered when determining gas pipe sizing. Page 6 Caution Permanent damage to the gas valve will occur if the following procedures are not followed. 8. If the gas supply pressure is less than required, check for under-sized pipe between the meter and the heater, a restrictive fitting, or an undersized gas meter. Gas supply pressures to the heater are listed in Table 4. NOTE: The maximum inlet gas pressure must not exceed the specified value. The minimum value listed is

Teledyne LLG

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2E. Gas Supply and Piping 2E-1. General Instructions Review the following general instructions before continuing the installation. WARNING Do not convert this heater from natural gas to propane gas, or propane to natural. Field conversion could create carbon monoxide gas which can cause property damage, serious injury, or death. 1. Gas piping installation must be in accordance with the latest edition of ANSI Z223.1. In Canada, the installation must be in accordance with CAN- B149.1 or .2 and all

Teledyne Trace Oxygen Analyzer 3000TA-XL-EU

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This Quickstart Guide should be used in conjunction with the Instruction Manual that shipped with your instrument. Only necessary features to get you operational are discussed in this guide. Many of the advanced features of this analyzer are not described here so you should refer to the Instruction Manual to get the most from your analyzer Front Panel (Operator Interface) Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the analyzer’s interface. The standard 3000TAEU is housed in a rugged metal case w

Teledyne 300M

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Please read these messages carefully. A safety message alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. Each safety message is associated with a safety alert symbol. These symbols are found in the manual and inside the instrument. The definition of these symbols is described below: GENERAL WARNING/CAUTION: Refer to the instructions for details on the specific danger. CAUTION: Hot Surface Warning CAUTION: Electrical Shock Hazard TECHNICIAN SYMBOL: All operations marked with this sym

Teledyne Trace Oxygen Analyzer 3000TA

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• For vacuum service (5-10 in Hg), install the restrictor without the blue dot to the EXHAUST port. 2. Connect your sample gas to the SAMPLE IN port. 3. Connect a vent line to EXHAUST OUT port. Teledyne Analytical Instruments Model 3000TA Quickstart Guide 4. If using remote calibration feature: • Connect zero gas to the ZERO IN port. • Connect span gas to the SPAN IN port. 5. Otherwise, calibration gases must be Tee'd into the sample inlet with appropriate valves. 6. Regulate the sample gas pres

Teledyne MX300-I

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P/N M75707 Sep 18, 2009 ECO 09-0157 MX300-I Copyright © 2009 Teledyne Analytical Instruments. All Rights Reserved No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any other language or computer language in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, whether it be electronic, mechanical, optical, manual, or otherwise, without prior written consent of Teledyne Analytical Instruments, 16830 Chestnut Street, City of Industry, CA

Teledyne MX300

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In the inhalation side of breathing system upstream of any antibacterial filters, humidifiers and other such medicating devices. . In confined volumes such as in incubators or tents. When analyzing for oxygen in breathing systems, the flow diverter must be used. The diverter should be screwed onto the threaded front end of the R17MED sensor. A tee adapter (plastic, P/N A268, or metal, P/N A283) should be placed into the breathing loop, and the above sensor assembly plugged into the tee adapter.