Ricoh VT3800

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n While printing, do not open the door or covers. o While printing, do not unplug the power cord. a While printing, do not move the machine. n Keep corrosive liquids, such as acid, off the machine. a Do not allow paper clips, staples, or other small objects to fall inside the machine. a Open and close the door and covers softly. a Do not put anything except originals or command sheets on the machine. n Do not spill liquid on the machine. o When opening or closing the door or covers, keep hold of

Ricoh 2015

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Do not use it as a remote printer in a PureIP environment. • If you use PureIP, configure the machine to use TCP/IP. For more information about how to make the settings, see p.13 "Setting Up the Machine on a Network". D Log on to the file server as an administrator, or equivalent. B Start SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin. Q On the [Group] menu, point to [Search Device], and then click [IPX/SPX] or [TCP/IP]. A list of machines appears. D In the list, select the printer for which you want to cha

Ricoh Web SmartDeviceMonitor

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Ricoh 2400L

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Optional Equipment Memory (FEATURE EXPANDER TYPE 100 2M, FEATURE EXPANDER TYPE 100 4M) Either a 2-Mbyte memory card or a 4-Mbyte memory card can be added. PC Printer Interface Kit (PRINTER INTERFACE TYPE 100) This allows you to use the machine as a laser printer for an IBM1 or compatible personal computer. Telephone Handset (HANDSET TYPE 100) This permits voice communication (over the PSTN). PC-FAX EXPANDER TYPE 100 This allows use of this machine as a scanner, PC Fax modem and convenient 200dpi

Ricoh NC5006

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The optical housing unit can only be repaired in a factory or at a location with Ihe requisite equipment. The laser subsystem is replaceable in the field by a qualified Customer Engineer. The laser chassis is not repairable in the field. Customer engineers are therefore directed to return all chassis and laser subsystems to the factory or service depot when replacement of the optical subsystem is required. Warning: Use of controls or adjustment or performance of procedures other than those spe

Ricoh Web SmartDeviceMonitor

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Ricoh 7500

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Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine. For your safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. Keep this manual in a handy place for quick reference. Notes Some illustrations in this manual might be slightly different from the machine. Certain options might not be available in some countries. For details, please contact your local dealer. Depending on which country you are in, certain units may be opti

Ricoh AFICIO 1035

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• 5: Pull down the knob of the cartridge until it clicks. 198 e Removing Jammed Staples • 6: Hold the green lever and reinstall the cartridge until it clicks. • 7: Close the front cover of the finisher. 199 Troubleshooting y Removing Punch Waste Note . While “Hole punch receptacle is full.” is displayed, you cannot use the Punch function. A Open the front cover of the 2 Tray finisher. BPull out the punch waste box and remove punch waste. C Reinstall the punch waste box. Note . If you do not, “Ho

Ricoh AFICIO 1045

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Series Copies Book > >>>> 1 Sided You can make one-sided copies from two facing pages of a bound original (book). Limitation . You cannot use the Book > 1 Sided function from the document feeder. 1 21 2 Note . See the following table when you select original and copy paper sizes with 100% ratio: . ....Metric version Original Copy paper A3L A4K . 2 sheets B4L B5K . 2 sheets A4L A5K . 2 sheets . ....Inch version Original Copy paper 11" . 17"L 81/2 " . 11"K . 2 sheets 81/2 " . 11"L 51/2 " . 81/2 "K

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