Psion Teklogix NP2500

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1 overview Front view a Display Top view ya (on / Standby / Eco standby) sb (mute the sound) +VOL-c (adjust the volume) Rear view pa jack DIGITAL OUT b (black) jack LInE OUT c (red/white) jacks AUX In L / R d (red/white) jacks POWER SUPPLY e jack ETHERnET f jack Remote control a y (on / Standby) b BRIGHTnESS (adjust the display illumination) c AUX (select the external source) d OnLInE SERVICES (go to the optional online services menu) e nOW PLAYInG (go to the current play screen) f CLOCK (activa

Psion Teklogix IKON CH4000

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Furthermore, this document is not to be used as a basis for design, manufacture, or sub-contract, or in any manner detrimental to the interests of Psion Teklogix Inc. Ikon™ is a trademark of Psion Teklogix Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Return-To-Factory Warranty Psion Teklogix provides a return to factory warranty on this product for a period of twelve (12) months in accordance with the statement of Warranty and Product Support provided at: The warranty on Psi