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Heavy-duty, nonslip gloves improve your grip and protect your hands. Good footing is most important in chain saw work. Wear sturdy boots with nonslip soles. Steel-toed safety boots are recommended. Proper eye protection is a must. Non-fogging, vented goggles and a face screen is recommended. Their use reduces the risk of eye and facial injury. Wear an approved safety hard hat to protect your head. Chain saw noise may damage your hearing. Always wear noise protection equipment (ear plugs or ear m

Makita DCS 7900

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The next time you use the saw, fill the tank with BIOTOP chain oil again. In case of damage caused by using waste oil or unappropriate chain oil the product guarantee will be null and void, Your salesman will inform you about the use of chain oil. I t-1waste oil & u A - & chain oil fuelloil mixture B NEVER USE WASTE OIL Waste oil is very dangerous for the environment. Waste oil contains high amounts of carcinogenic substances. Residues in waste oil result in a high degree of wear and tear at the

Makita DCS 7901

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This does constitute a defect! Place the saw on a suitable surface. Adjusting the chain lubrication A The engine must be switched off. PTOP) W You can adjust the oil pump feed rate with the adjusting screw (1). The adjusting screw is on the bottom side of the housing. The oil pump comes factory-set to a medium feed rate. To change the feed quantity use a screwdriver and adjust the adjusting screw in the following way: Turn to the right to reduce the feed rate. - Turn to the left to increase the

Makita DCS 7300

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The reaction of the chain drives the saw straight back toward the operator causing loss of saw control. Pushback fre- quently occurs when the top of the bar is used for cutting (fig. 14). To avoid pushback 1. Be alert to forces or situafions that may cause material to pinch the top of the chain. 2. Do not cut more than one log at a time. 3. Do not twist the saw when withdrawing the bar from a plunge cut or under buck cut (figures 25 to 27 and 33, pages 13 and 15), because the chain can pinch. Pu

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NOTE: Before tightening the chain, loosen the two nuts (2) slightly. Checking the chain tension The tension of the chain is correct if the chain rests against the bottom side of the guide bar and can still be easily turned by hand. While doing so the chain brake must be released. Check the chain tension frequently -new chains tend to get longer during use! When checking the chain tension the engine must be switched aff, NOTE: It is recommended to use 2-3 chains alternatively. In order to guarant

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CAUTION: Use only the following spark plugs: NGK BPMR 7A. Do not tighten the muffler screws when the engine is hot1 Check the muffler screws (10) for tightness. If they are loose, hand-tighten them. Important -do not overtighten! J Replacing the starter cable I Replacing the return spring Unscrew three screws (1). Remove fan housing (2). NOTE: The screws (1) are secured against falling out of the housing. CAREFUL! Injury hazard1 Do not unscrew screw (5) if the return spring is under tension. If

Makita DCS 341

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Additional safety precautions The following additional safety precautions should be observed by all users of chain saws: 1. Do not operate a chain saw when you are fatigued. 2. Use safety footwear; snug-fitting clothing; protective gloves; and eye, hearing, and head protection devices. 3. Use caution when handling fuel. Move the chain saw at least 10 feet (3 m) from the fueling point before starting the engine. 4. Do not allow other persons to be near the chain saw when starting or cutting with

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Always follow safety precautions in the Owner’s and Safety Manual. Improper use can cause serious injury! Preserve this Manual carefully! ATTENTION! Suivez toujours les conseils de securite du present manuel d’emploi et de securite. Une utilisation incorrecte de la tronconneuse peut entrainer des blessures graves! Conservez avec soin ce manuel. Lisez et comprenez ce manuel. WARNING ! WARNING ! Before operating a chain saw or other MAKITA products it is important that you read, fully understand a

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The chain saw DCS 340, DCS 341, DCS 400, DCS 401 has been approved with following guide bar and chain combinations: Guide bar 3/8" Saw chain 3/8" length Part no. Part no. 12" (30 cm) 442 030 661 528 092 646 14" (35 cm) 442 035 661 528 092 652 16" (40 cm) 442 040 661 528 092 656 "There may be other replacement bar and chain combinations available that also reduces the risk of injury from kickback". WARNING Do not use other replacement bars and chains unless they have been designated as meeting th