John Deere AC1-CG16H

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Do not operate the unit if gasoline is spilled. Wipe the unit clean and move it away from the spill. Avoid creating any ignition until the gasoline has evaporated. Do not store the unit near an open flame or any equipment such as a stove, furnace, water heater, etc. which utilizes a pilot light or sparking device. A spark arrester must be added to the muffler of this engine if it is to be used on any forest covered, brush covered or grass covered unimproved land. The arrester must be maintained

John Deere AC2-CG35H

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Turn off the unit. . Disconnect spark plug wire from engine. . Open all drains. 4. Wait for the unit to cool before starting service. Maintenance Chart: To ensure satisfactory operation over an extended period of time, an engine requires normal maintenance at regular intervals. The Periodic Maintenance Chart below shows periodic inspection and maintenance items and suitable intervals. The bullet mark designates that the corresponding item should be performed at that interval. NOTE: Some adjustme

John Deere HR-2700GH

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Keep in mind that the washer’s detergent system further dilutes the detergent with water, and that some detergents may not be concentrated enough to properly work with the system. Some detergents may not give premix instructions and may require experimenting to determine proper dilution for your application. If you are not familiar with the detergent, always test a small area of the surface to be cleaned for adverse reaction. Do this a day in advance. Thoroughly rinse area with water. Operating

John Deere HR-2500GH

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Check proper level. . Place unit on level surface. 2. Remove oil filler cap/dipstick (A) and wipe it clean. 3. Insert filler cap/dipstick into oil filler neck, but DO NOT screw it in. 4. Remove dipstick. Proper oil level is at midpoint of dipstick (A). Add oil if necessary to bring oil level to top of threads (B). 5. Install and tighten cap. a P04-0 07 b sae 5W-30 P05-0 07 gasOline engine Oil Use oil viscosity based on the expected air temperature 50°C 122°f range during the period between oil c

John Deere T70, T115, T165

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Wash filter assembly in clean fuel and inspect for damage. Note: It is not necessary to remove filter from filter assembly on Model T70. On Model T115 and T165 assembly is one piece. 5. Install filter assembly and bushing (Model T70) into fuel tank. IMPORTANT: Be sure filter (Model T115 and T165) and bushing (Model T70) are firmly seated in tank. 6. Connect fuel line and install side cover. Model T70 B C A Model T115 and T165 C A B 107351-01 19 Periodic Service STORAGE LOCATION AND MAINTENANCE N

John Deere and T165

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Install heater assembly (A) to wheel support frame (B). Align holes in heater assembly and wheel support frame. Note:Wheels are to be at hot air outlet end of heater on T70 ONLY (see next picture below). 2. Install fuel gauge cap (C). A C B 3. Install rear handle (A) using screws (B) and lock nuts (C). DO NOT TIGHTEN. Model T70 Shown A B C 4. Install front handle (A) (excluding T70) using screw (B) and lock nuts (C) DO NOT TIGHTEN. 5. Tighten all screws and nuts. B A C 107351-01 23 Specification

John Deere OMM141979 J9

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OMM141979 J9 J9 Mechanical Tiller 30-Inch OPERATOR’S MANUAL North American Version Litho in U.S.A. INTRODUCTION Thank You for Purchasing This Product We appreciate your business and wish you many years of safe and satisfied use of your machine. Using Your Operator’s Manual This manual is an important part of your machine and should remain with the machine when you sell it. Reading your operator’s manual will help you and others avoid personal injury or damage to the machine. Information given in

John Deere HR1-20E

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Do not place air compressor in an area: -where there is evidence of oil or gas leaks. -where flammable gas vapors or materials may be present. -where air temperatures fall below 32°F or exceed 104°F. -where extremely dirty air or water could be drawn into the air compressor. ELECTRICAL: 1. USE OF AN EXTENSION CORD IS NOT RECOMMENDED because it could cause the compressor motor to overheat. It's recommended to use additional air hose instead of an extension cord. 2. If use of an extension cord is

John Deere 670G LC

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With more hydraulic flow than their highly productive predecessors, our 670G LC and 870G LC deliver faster work cycles to move more material on a gallon of fuel. Their rugged Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB diesels enable you to work, wherever there's work, even in nonattainment areas. Numerous customer-inspired refinements include a more comfortable and spacious cab. And an enhanced LCD monitor with simplified navigation that lets an operator easily dial-in a wealth of machine information and fu

John Deere 870G LC

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yd.), 1370-mm (54 in.] weight; and 900-mm (36 in.) double-bar grouser shoes 3558-kg (7,844 lb.) bucket; 4.4-m (14 ft. 5 in.) arm; 13 300-kg (29,321 lb.) counter- SAE Operating Weight 87 659 kg (193,255 lb.) Component Weights Undercarriage with Double-Bar Grouser Shoes 650 mm (26 in.) 32 350 kg (71,320 lb.) 750 mm (30 in.) 33 050 kg (72,863 lb.) 900 mm (36 in.) 33 990 kg (74,935 lb.) 1020 mm (40 in.) 34 420 kg (75,883 lb.) One-Piece Boom (with arm cylinder] 8.4 m (27 ft. 7 in.) 82