Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL A-46

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Right hinge standard. **** Door Hardware not included. A-46 Top of the line, Model A-46 is professionally designed to include the most premium set of features, allowing for the utmost ease and comfort when ironing. The telescoping steel support legs provide the rugged stability necessary when ironing with the superlative 46-inch length board. A 4-inch height adjustment lets you choose the most comfortable work position. A solid state, silent timer turns on power to the built-in work light and

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL NE-242

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Right hinge standard. *** NE-242 with white float door or white raised panel door comes standard with white interior color and white exterior finish. **** Door Hardware not included. NE-242 The Model NE-242 is a surfaced mounted, non-electrical unit. Perfect for areas where you want to iron, but the wall/surface can’t be penetrated for recess mounting. You have fast access to your ironing board, without in-cabinet iron storage. This quality built model comes with an rugged 42-inch, ventilat

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL VS4001

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2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 fig. 6 fig. 7 fig. 8 fig. 9 fig. 10 fig. 11 fig. 12 fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 15 fig. 16 fig. 17 fig. 18 fig. 19 fig. 20 A B Important recommendations Read and follow the instructions for use. Keep them for future use.. Safety instructions • This appliance complies with the safety regulations and directives in effect at the time of manufacture. • Check that the power supply voltage corresponds to that shown on the appliance (alternating current). • Given the diverse standards i


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-Не пытайтесь самостоятельно разбирать прибор. В случае поломки или неудовлетворительной работы прибора обращайтесь в авторизированный сервисный центр фирмы TEFAL. Технические характеристики Диапазон частот: 863 - 865 МГц Соответствует Европейской Директиве (RTTE) 1999/5/EC от 9 марта 1999. Соответствует Нормам: EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 301 357-1 и EN 301 357-2. Перед первым использованием Передающее устройство Для работы данного устройства требуется определенная мощность, поэтому необходи

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL FV5210

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• This appliance is not designed to be used by children or other persons unassisted or unattended if their physical, sensory or mental capacities prevent them from using the appliance in complete safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • Warning ! The voltage of your electrical installation must correspond to that of the iron (220V-240V). Connecting to the wrong voltage may cause irreversible damage to the iron and will invalidate the guarantee.

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL FV5230

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with store-bought • Heat concentrates the elements contained in water during evaporation.The distilled or types of water listed below contain organic waste or mineral elements that can demineralised water in cause spitting, brown staining, or premature wear of the appliance: water from the following clothes dryers, scented or softened water, water from refrigerators, batteries or proportions : - 50% tap water, air conditioners, pure distilled or demineralised water or rain water should not be -5

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL FV5250

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For easier use, always use the Ultracord system. Integral anti-scale system (depending on model) Your iron is equipped with an integral anti-scale system – fig.11. This system will help to provide: • a better ironing quality with a constant flow of steam, • lasting performance from your appliance. Auto-Stop safety feature (depending on model) • The electronic system cuts off the electric power and the Auto-Stop warning When the Auto-Stop light flashes if the iron is left vertically on its heel f

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL FV5260

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You are not using the right type of water. Perform a self-cleaning operation and consult the section "What water to use?" Fabric fibres have accumulated in the holes of the soleplate and are burning. Perform the self-cleaning operation and clean the soleplate with a damp sponge. Vacuum the holes of the soleplate from time to time. The soleplate is dirty or brown and can stain the linen. You are ironing with an inappropriate setting (temperature too high). Clean the soleplate as indicated above.

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL Electric Iron

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Electric power cord 2. Reservoir refilling hatch 9. Thermostat indicator light 3. Steam control 10. Temperature setting indicator 4. Anti-calc valve 11. Thermostat button 5. Self-Clean button 12. Reservoir max indicator 6. Spray button 13. Soleplate 7. Superpressing button (depending on model) For your safety • This appliance complies with the technical rules and standards for safety currently in force (Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage, Environnement). • This appliance is not designed

Groupe SEB USA - T-FAL Express GV7150

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several times in a row, holding the iron away from • ••S SSt tte eea aam mm o oou uut ttp ppu uut tt s sse eet ttt tti iin nng gg: :: your clothes. This will enable - Thick fabric: increase the steam setting. any cold water to be ejected - At a low temperature : set the steam output control dial to the low position. from the steam circuit. Dry ironing • Do not press the steam control button under the iron handle. Vertical steam ironing • Set the iron temperature control slide and the steam outpu