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In both cases, the same clock is used for both the Transmit data and the Receive data. For internal clock operation, use the Transmit clock pins and make no connection to the Receive clock pins on the D-type connector. For external clock operation, connect the clock source to the Receive clock pins on the D-type connector and make no connection to the Transmit clock pins. Chapter 6 Interfaces An SS7 Serial Interface Port Splitter Cable is available, DKL26 (see Chapter 12, “Part Number Reference”

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If RESET is set to Y, all configuration data is removed. If SYSTYPE is set, the systems operating mode changes after restart. Possible operation modes are: • DSC – Digital Signaling Conveter • SGW – SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway • SIU – Signaling Interface Unit Syntax MNRSI:[RESTART=,][RESET=Y,][SYSTYPE=,]; Prerequisites • SYSTYPE can only be set to system types that have been licensed for the unit. See the CNSYP command. Note: SIU is always licensed. Attributes PROMPT Examples MNRSI; MNRSI:RESET=Y;