Cobra Electronics SP210

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The microcontroller will also change the state of the mute if the monitor button is depressed (SW402), assuming that this function has been enabled in the programming Pin 13 is connected to Q414, Q415 via R446, which mutes the TDA7233IC. DETAILED FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Issue 1.0 Page 5-4 03/01 SP200/210 Maxon SP200/210 Radio Battery Low Indicator Circuit When the battery voltage drops below 5.6 VDC a Battery Low indication is given. Due to the volts drop across D403, a voltage below 5.6V on the

Cobra Electronics SP200

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Take care not to damage the sealing gasket. With the two parts of the radio separated, for servicing, it will be necessary to link the two pcbs using the flexi-pcb ME110016, which is part of the Service Kit. LOCATION OF ADJUSTMENT POINTS TP1 RF PCB L203C208 TCXO Figure 4-14 – Adjustment Points 4.5.3 PLL Alignment Before any alignment is carried out to the transmitter, or receiver, it is necessary to align the Phase Locked Loop (PLL). The PLL consists of the Rx VCO, Tx VCO and TCXO. If the PLL is

Cobra Electronics 12 BAND XRS 9940

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SafetyAlertUseofthisproductisnotintendedto,anddoesnot,ensurethatmotoristsorpassengerswillnotbeinvolvedintrafficaccidents.ItisonlyintendedtoalertthemotoristthatanemergencyvehicleequippedwithaCobraSafetyAlerttransmitteriswithinrangeasdefinedbythatproduct.Pleasecalllocalfireandpolicedepartmentstolearnifcoverageexistsinyourarea. SafeDrivingMotorists,aswellasoperatorsofemergencyorservicevehicles,areexpectedtoexerciseallduecautionwhileusingthisproduct,andtoobeyallapplicabletrafficlaws. SecurityofYourV

Cobra Electronics MR F55

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides continuous, around-theclock broadcasts of the latest weather information. Taped weather messages run every four (4) to six (6) minutes and are revised every two (2) or three (3) hours, or as needed. The Coast Guard also announces weather and other safety warnings on Channel 16 and DSC Channel 70. Smart boaters keep an eye on safety and an ear to the radio — and never let the weather catch them unaware. NOAA Emergency Weather Ale

Cobra Electronics MRHH325VP

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Properlyused,thisCobra®productwillgiveyoumanyyearsofreliableservice. HowYourCobraMarineVHFRadioWorksThisradioisabattery-poweredportabletransceiverforuseafloat.Itgivesyoutwo-wayvessel-to-vesselandvessel-to-shorestationcommunications,primarilyforsafetyandsecondarilyfornavigationandoperationalpurposes.Withit,youcancallforhelp,getinformationfromotherboaters,talktolockorbridgetenders, andmakeradiotelephonecallstoanywhereintheworldthroughamarineoperator. Besidestwo-waycommunications,theradiocanprovide

Cobra Electronics 29 LTD SE

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Mic Cord • RF Gain InstallationInstallation32MountingandConnectionHoldtheradiowiththemountingbracketintheexactdesiredlocation.Ifthereisnointerference,removethebracketanduseitasatemplatetomarkthelocationforthemountingscrews. LocationPlanlocationoftransceiverandmicrophonebracketbeforestartingtheinstallation. Selectalocationthatisconvenientforoperation, yetdoesnotinterferewiththedriverorpassenger. Thetransceiverisusuallymountedtotheundersideofthedashwiththemicrophonebracketbesideit. continuedDrillt

Cobra Electronics CIR 1000 E

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2. According to your personal settings, follow step by step to your desired folder, then visit it and load your favourite program. FM Operation Mode 1. Press the MODE button repeatedly until appears. Or enter

, rotate the Scroll knob to , and then press to confirm. 2. For initial use, it will start at the beginning of the FM frequency range (87.50MHz). Otherwise, the last FM station you listened to will be selected. 3. Rotate the Scroll knob to increase or decrease the f

Cobra Electronics CIR 1000 A

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WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To reduce the risk of electrical shock, fire, etc.: 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these Instructions. 3. Heed all Warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. For stubborn stains, use a soft cloth dampened with a weak solution of mild detergent and water. Dry the apparatus immediately afterward

Cobra Electronics CP-9135

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Talk. When call is completed: Speakerphone or will flash. Speakerphone 1 4 Push and release button. Phone will auto m at i cally disco n n e ct. Line 1 Line 2 Note If both lines are flashing,you have the option to choose either line. Select line to answer. To answer other line, put first line on HOLD; push and release other line. Talk Note You can only end the call from the base by pushing and releas ing the button. Speakerphone 1514 CP9135 manual layout.6 10/20/98 12:41 PM Page 22 Operation Ope

Cobra Electronics CPI 1000

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480-399-P Version C Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra® For more information or to order any of our products, please visit our website: The Cobra line of quality products includes: CB Radios microTALK® Radios Radar/Laser Detectors Safety Alert® Traffic Warning Systems Mobile GPS Navigation Systems HighGear® Accessories CobraMarine® VHF Radios CobraMarine® Chartplotters Power Inverters Accessories 10274_CPI1000_vC 8/14/07 3:48 PM Page 4 25Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra™A3A2 Product Features IconsSeco