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• Move the ends of the FM antenna to improve reception. • Make sure the AM antenna is in an upright position. • Move AM antenna at least 20 inches (50 cm) from the media center. • Move antennas farther from media center, TV, or other electronic equipment. • Refer to “Connecting the AM and FM antennas” on page 37. FM sound is noisy when 3 or 5 speakers play • Weak FM stations will produce static in the surround speakers. Select the 2-speaker mode in the Settings menu to minimize noise. See “Chang

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СТУПЕНИ). Если ваши динамики имеют по два набора выводов, тогда возможно добавление к вашей системе второго усилителя, если имеется отдельный усилитель мощности. Применение двух усилителей допускает независимое управление низко- и высокочастотными динамиками, обеспечивая повышенную чистоту звука и более удобное управление динамиками. На приведенной схеме показан пример настройки схемы с двумя усилителями. Пожалуйста, отметьте, что при использовании второго усилителя серии Azur в качестве подчине


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Nic Merks Nijverheidstraat 8, 1135 Vice President, Europe The Netherlands Manufacturer’s authorized EU representative ©2004 Bose Corporation. No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission. 2 of 80 Contents Contents 1.0 E4 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 1.1 The Bose® FreeSpace® E4 Series II business music system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 1.2 E4 system accessories .


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The system is “on” when the rocker switch is “up”. Note: This failure could prevent continued use of the headset in the “on” position. These loud tones and the related loss of communications can be eliminated for the duration of the flight simply by switching the headset off. (The system is off when the rocker switch is “down.”) With the switch off, the headset continues to function in the passive mode, maintaining full communication capabilities. We strongly recommend that as a responsible pilo


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TV systems are switchable when the DVD player is in STOP status or when no disc is inside the machine. Page 13 OPERATION Language Selection Press the AUDIO button. You may change the language when playing multi-language DVD discs. AUDIO 2/2:AUDIO 1/2: Subtitle Selection Press the SUBTITLE button. Each press of the SUBTITLE button will scroll through the available subtitle languages. After the language options have been cycled through the SUBTITLE OFF option will appear Volume Control Pressing VO

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• If your TV does not have an option to turn off the internal speakers, you may need to adjust both the 3•2•1 system volume and your TV volume until you find a level that produces the desired sound. • In some TVs, when the internal speakers are turned off, you may need to raise the TV’s volume level by 75% to 100% in order to hear audio from the 3•2•1 home entertainment system. See your TV owner’s guide for help. 5. Turn on your 3•2•1 system. • Point the 3•2•1 remote control at the media center

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Keep in mind that lighting and other room conditions, in addition to battery age, can affect the operating range of an infrared remote control. You cannot use the remote control to set the time, alarms, CD random and repeat, or radio presets, nor to customize the display. Figure 7 Turns system on and sets sleep time, snoozes (delays) the alarm The WaveRadio/CDremote Turns the system on/off, deactivates the alarm --Raises or lowers volume Turns on CD play or pauses CD Stops CD Turns on FM --Turns

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On some DVRs, pressing Shuffle and Repeat buttons will allow you to skip backward or forward quickly. Note: If your LIFESTYLE® remote control has the symbol above the Library button, it also has a record button ( ) near the bottom of the remote. Use that button to set your VCR/DVR to record. For AUX control If you have a component connected to the AUX inputs on your LIFESTYLE system, you can set your LIFESTYLE remote to control it, although on and off control is not an option. If you do not have