American Dryer Corp. AD-100

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Motors To Replace Drive Motor 1. Discontinue power to dryer. 2. Remove drive belts. 118 3. Disconnect wiring harness from motor. 4. Remove bolts holding motor to mount and replace with new motor. Do not tighten bolts. 5. Remove pulley from old motor and install on new motor. 6. Align motor pulley with idler pulley and align motor shaft with idler shaft and tighten bolts. 7. Replace belts and adjust belt tension. 8. Re-tighten bolts. To Replace Impeller Motor 1. Discontinue power to d

American Dryer Corp. GDZ5.0-61

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Door Gasket Window Clothes with zipper Dry this kind of clothes with zipper zipped or fastener buckled and inside out (to reduce the impact noise between metal and the drum) Clothes with ribbon or lace should be dried in a nylon net Put chemical fiber and/or clothes with ribbon or lace into a nylon net before drying. Do not load your dryer when it is running. Loading the dryer when it is running shall be avoided to prevent the clothes overdried or incompletely dried. Please flip clothes over man

American Dryer Corp. GDZ3.5-61

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19.Keep area around the exhaust opening and adjacent surrounding areas free fromthe accumulation of lint, dust and dirt. 20.If material has been used with any flammable liquids or solids it should not beused in the dryer until all traces of the flammable liquids and its fumes havebeen removed. 21.This dryer shall be connected to a three-wire, single phase, 220-240V ACpower receptacle more than 10A, which must be reliably grounded. A leakageprotector shall be used, if possible. 22.Do not share a

American Dryer Corp. AD-200 Tilting

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70-LATEST EDITION. A. REASSEMBLY OF DRYER IMPORTANT: Always keep the tumbler (basket) section of the dryer in an upright position when moving it. The AD-200 dryer may be shipped one of two ways; as a complete unit fully assembled and ready for hookup or with the tumbler (basket) section separated from the base. If the dryer is shipped in two (2) pieces, the tumbler (basket) section will have to be lifted onto the base. Use cables through the eye bolts on top of the tumbler section, or use a f

American Dryer Corp. AD-170SE

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Remove thermostat. 5. Reestablish power to dryer. I 25 To Replace Lint Compartment Hi-Heat Protector (225 Degree) Thermostat This thermostat is part of the "sensor bracket assembly" and is secured to the underside of the basket wrapper in the lint compartment. As a safety device, this thermostat will open (shut off) the heating unit circuit if an excessive temperature occurs. The dryer motors will remain on, even if the thermostat is open. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should heat safe

American Dryer Corp. AD-385

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When ordering replacement parts from the factory, you can FAX your order to ADC at (508) 678-9447 or telephone your orders directly to the ADC Parts Department at (508) 678-9000. Please specify the dryer model number and serial number in addition to the description and part number, so that your order is processed accurately and promptly. The illustrations on the following pages may not depict your particular dryer exactly. The illustrations are a composite of the various dryer models. Be sure t

American Dryer Corp. AD-530

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Check for voltage across pin #2 of the 6 pin connector (J10) and ground. If no voltage is evident, problem could be faulty transformer (P/N: 141403). If voltage is evident then continue with step #3. 3. Check for voltage on pin # 2 of the 6 pin connector (J3) located near the temperature sensor bracket assembly and the ground. If no voltage problem is a bad wire or termination between the (J10 & J3) connectors (pin # 2). 4. Check for voltage on the two (2) four pin connectors (J8, J9) of the l

American Dryer Corp. AD-15 thru AD-75

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as of February 1992) American Dryer Corporation 88 Currant Road Fall River MA 02720-4781 Telephone: (508) 678-9000/ Fax: (508) 678-9447 E-mail: techsupport@amdiy.com 070993 ADC Part No. 450108 Retain This Manual In A Safe Place For Future Reference American Dryer Corporation products embody advanced concepts in engineering, design, and safety. If this product is properly maintained, it will provide many years of safe, efficient, and trouble-free operation. ONLY properly licensed technician

American Dryer Corp. AD-235

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gas models there is no regulator on valve 17 NOTE: If correct w.c. pressure cannot be achieved, problems may be due to an undersized gas supply line, a faulty or underrated gas meter, etc. TO CONVERT FROM NATURAL TO L.P. GAS 1. Disconnect electrical power to dryer. 2. Close all shut-off valves in dryer gas supply line. 3. Disconnect gas valve wiring. NOTE: Identify location of each wire for correct re-installation. 4. Break union connection (nut) between union shut off and gas valve. 5.

American Dryer Corp. AD-230

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Proper cleaning of steam coils is necessary to prevent lint build-up between the fins. When cleaning the coil, be extremely careful not to bend the aluminum fins, which will also reduce airflow. If the fins air bent, straighten them by using a comb. Fin combs are available from local air conditioning supply houses. Regular cleaning will prevent lint build-up and blockage of the coil. 2 6 MONTHS Inspect and remove lint accumulation in the customer-furnished exhaust duct work system. Inspect ex