Gianni Industries Door

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Gianni Industries AD-425S

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Specifications Motor specification Wing dimensions Dimensions Product weight Degree of protection Temperature Battery charge Battery Specification Hold-Open time Opening/Closing time Current Power Input AC 110( or 220V) 3.5A max., 0.6A average (Motor) 30Nm 4.5~9.5 seconds (90) 1~35 seconds 12V 1.2AH -20?~+55? (Battery 5?~40?) Door wing width : 75~120 cm Door wing weight : 50~100 kg IP12D 6.5 kg 12V=0.15A (Normal); 0.3A (Peak) Operator: 526(L) x 100(W) x 96(D) Arm: 375 (unit: mm) Voltage: 8~24VDC

Gianni Industries 10020

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These locks are recommended for applications which require higher levels of access control and are suitable for fire doors and emergency exit doors. The 10010 and 10020 series are designed for single doors and are suitable for outswing applications. Installation on inswing door , narrow-style frames requires the use of additional brackets . With the accessories provided , the locks can be used on wooden , and even metal door. Anti-residual statement Our electromagnet locks feature Anti-Residua

Gianni Industries 10020DS

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The alarm sounds when the door is not closed and that has exceeded a specified time limit. VR timer is adjustable from 1 to 80 seconds. N Trigger A 10020TD: Relock time delay IT Ensure automatic locking after the è * door is closed properly. Relock time Timer Adjust delay can be adjusted from 1 to 80 seconds. 1 to 80 seconds J J Optional Brackets Bracket installation is according to door swing direction and door frame type , e.g. narrow frame door , frameless glass door , inswing door

Gianni Industries 10020BZ

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The GEM policy is one of continual development and improvement; therefore GEM reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Copyright © Gianni Industries, Inc. All rights reserved DM-CA-10010 Ver. G Published on 2011.09.07 GIANNI INDUSTRIES, INC. No. 13, Zhongxing Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236,Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 886-2 2267 7986 / Fax: 886-2 2267 9876 E-Mail: inquiry@gianni.com.tw Website: gianni.tw GEM 10010 series Standard Electromagnetic Lock J Operating Featur

Gianni Industries 10006S

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The maglock can be configured to mount on in-swing and glass doors with optional LZ- and U-shaped brackets. With stainless steel housing, it is suitable for outdoor applications and severe weather conditions. 10006S-M comes with magnetic bond sensor indicating locked and unlocked status. This series of Waterproof Magnetic Lock is protected by epoxy potting compound. Also, GEM Waterproof Series Magnetic Locks have been proved to withstand water with the test procedures of IPX7, IPX8 by a trusted

Gianni Industries DG-600H

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It may connects to another reader and serve as a controller. DG-600H enables the beeper to go off whenever the keypad is pressed. A tamper switch is used to protect the reader from external damage by linking the relay to the alarming system. This model communicates in Wiegand protocol and has a set of 600 proximity cards set to 26~37-bit or 26-bit. (For DG-600E, proximity cards are set to either 26 or 44 bit.) It takes the reader 0.5 seconds at most to read a proximity card or 5-digit PIN code.

Gianni Industries 10040DS

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Installation of in-swing door, narrow-style frames and frameless glass door requires the used an additional bracket. With the accessories provided, the lock can be used on wooden, and even metal door. It has designed and offered the different optional functions into electromagnetic lock and accommodate the different needs of users and increase the lock's value and uniqueness. j Operating Features jpt 10040: Bond sensor output Indicates the locked & unlocked status with visible LED indicator.

Gianni Industries DG-101

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The door reed switch Input is used to time out the timer when door is moved for Anti-Trailing. It's designed to mount on any standard-single-gang electric wall box or on the surface of an interior wall. Logical memory can prevents unauthorized persons from gaining PIN code entry by trial and error, The system will shut down for 60 seconds while 32 codes of incorrectly Master Codes enrolled or PIN codes attempted (None beeper signal of keypad activations) j Specifications Operating Voltage: 12

Gianni Industries DG-1000M

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GEM DG-1000M Stand Alone Reader j Specification Operating Voltage: 12 VDC Memory Volume: 1000 PINs RF frequency: Mifare 13.56 MHz Current draw: 95~140mA/12VDC ■ Input: 1 contact for reqpuest-to -exit button, 1 contact for tamper switch ■ Output: 1 relay (dry contacts: N.O./N.C./Com)vandal resistant alarm (dry contacts: N.O./N.C./COM) ■ Relay Rating: 10A MAX/12VDC,120VAC ■ Relay Strike Time: 01~99 seconds or toggle mode (00) ■ Operating Temperature:-20°C~+70°C ■ Ambient Humidity: 5~95%