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A signal will sound to indicate the program has begun and the LCD will display the estimated program run time. If you stop a program in progress by opening the door, you will need to press the Start/Stop button again to restart the program from the interrupted point. INDICATOR LIGHTS The On light indicates that the power to the unit is on. The Rinse Aid light glows when you need to add rinse aid. (See page 20 for instructions on how to load the rinse aid dispenser.) ADDING AN ITEM WARNING! Be ex

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to 30-1/16” max. (718 mm–764 mm) (Measured from the top of the panel to the lower edge of the kitchen cabinet.) Thickness: 1/4” (6 mm) minimum to 3/4” (19 mm) maximum Weight: Up to 22 lb. NOTE: Screws for mounting custom wood panels less than 3/4” are not supplied with the unit. MOISTURE BARRIER Among the materials supplied with your unit are two strips of moisture resistant material (moisture barriers). One of these is intended to be affixed along the bottom edge of the back of the wood panel t

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CONTENTS Important Safety Instructions 3 Child Safety Tips 3 Dishwasher Features 4 Dishwasher Dimensions 4 Installation Instructions 5 Loading the Dishwasher 16 Detergent Dispenser 18 Rinse Aid Dispenser 20 Model EDW132C Operating Instructions 21 Model EDW154E Operating Instructions 22 Model EDW174E Operating Instructions 23 Model EDW194E Operating Instructions 25 Care and Maintenance 27 Overfill Protection 28 Solutions to Common Dishwashing Problems 29 Troubleshooting 30 Washing Special Items 3

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When moving the appliance into or out of the cabinet, be careful not to damage the power-supply cord. WARNING! Before working on wiring for any electrical appliance, be sure the electrical power has been turned off at the breaker/fuse box. WARNING! Disconnect electrical power supply and place a tag at the disconnect switch indicating that you are working on the circuit. WARNING! Electrical and grounding connections must comply with the applicable portions of the national electrical code and/or o

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To restart the appliance, close the door and press the Start button again; the cycle will resume from the point in which it was interrupted. To repeat the same cycle, press the program button and then the Start button. Before you restart the unit, make sure the detergent dispenser is still closed; otherwise, you will have to add detergent. (Please note that if the program has run beyond the fill phase, the water will be pumped out.) Wash Wash Temps (° F) Rinse Temp (° F) Recommended LoadsProgram

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< Load glasses between the tines, not straddling them. < Move the baskets in and out slowly to avoid slamming the dishes together. < Make sure not to load dishes so high that the spray arms could strike them. < Make sure tall glasses and stemware will clear the top of the tub when you push the basket in. < Always load delicate items in the top basket. < Do not overload the dishwasher. < Do not jam the glasses together when loading. Stains and discolorations Stains or discoloration on dishes coul

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Refer to page 27 for information on how to remove these spots. ENGLISH ENGLISHENGLISHENGLISHENGLISHENGLISH 19 RINSE AID DISPENSER Eurotech dishwashers are designed to use liquid rinse aids in hard water areas. The rinse aid dispenser is located inside the door next to the detergent dispenser. The rinse aid is released during the final rinse to prevent water from forming droplets on your dishes that can leave spots and streaks. It also improves drying by allowing water to “sheet” off the dishes.

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First, the load sizes will be smaller, since both washing and drying occur in the same drum. The wash cycle is about the same as a traditional washer, but drying times will be longer. You will become accustomed to doing smaller, more convenient loads of laundry instead of doing bulkier loads less frequently. Choosing drying times and load sizes Drying times depend on fabric dampness and the size and type of the load. Jeans, towels and other thick fabrics take longer to dry. For the condenser dry

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11), since a small amount of water could spill. 2. Remove the filter by turning it a half turn counterclockwise and pulling outwards (Fig. 12). 3. Clean the filter with a soft brush under running water until all residue is removed. 4. Replace the filter and turn it clockwise until it is securely locked in place (Fig. 13). Give the cap a gentle tug to confirm that the filter is in securely. FIG. 11 FIG. 12 FIG. 13 CLEANING THE CONTROL PANEL To clean the control panel, use only a warm, damp cloth.

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!. . This usually means a belt is broken. Call a servicer. If you think you have resolved the problem, try starting the machine again. If the problem persists, call for technical assistance (see page 15). BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE Before calling for service or contacting AM Appliance Group regarding a warranty issue, be prepared to explain: 1) Model number of the machine 2) Serial number of the machine (located on the inner door facing) 3) Specific problem . 13 NOTES Y MODEL EDV278EL Be su