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Инструкция по эксплуатации Techno Source, модель Illuminated Sudoku

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The amount of fixed numbers appearing on the grid is determined by the level selected. Fixed numbers are marked with a triangular tab. The higher the level the less fixed numbers appear. 5. Using the stylus fill In the grid by first touching the number at the bottom of the screen to be selected and then touching the box within the grid to place it. The blinking triangular tab points out the last entry made in the grid. Please note that In the BEGINNER mode any number that has been placed in an incorrect box will continue to flash to let you know that it is in the wrong place. 6. To CLEAR an entry, touch the C at the top of the screen and then touch the box on the grid to be cleared. A new number can now be entered In that box using the same steps as above. You can also directly place a new number in a filled box without clearing the previous number by touching a new number and then touching the box. 7. Once each of the numbers 1 through 9 has been placed correctly, the number will disappear from the bottom of the screen. If the numbers have all been placed correctly, a sound effect will be heard. If no sound effect is heard then one or more numbers have been placed incorrectly. 8. The time clock at the top of the screen keeps track of the time It takes to complete the puzzle. 9. Pause the game by touching the PAUSE icon © located on the upper right of the screen. To continue playing touch the PAUSE icon (D again. 10. After 4 minutes without play, the game will turn off automatically. Touch the screen anywhere and hold for 2-5 seconds with the stylus to resume the game. Please note that when the game resumes it will be in the PAUSE mode. Touch the PAUSE Icon © to continue playing. 11. The screen contrast can be adjusted by first touching the PAUSE icon © at the top of the screen. The numbers 1 through 9 will appear on the bottom of the screen. 1 is the lightest and 9 is the darkest. Touch the number to set the desired contrast. 12. Turn the sound on and off by touching the SOUND Icon 4; located on the upper right of the screen. 13. At any time during the game, the answer to the puzzle can be viewed for 5 seconds by touching ANS located on the upper left of the screen. This feature can only be used 3 times in BEGINNER mode and 3 times in ADVANCED mode during the course of a puzzle. 14. When the player completes the puzzle, DONE will be displayed onscreen. Touch the screen anywhere with the stylus to return to the main menu. 15. RESET the game by activating the pinhole RESET button located on the back of the product. Sudoku Solver 1. Solve any puzzle from your favorite source with the NEW Sudoku Solver! To begin, slide the switch from the OFF position and choose either BEGINNER or ADVANCED mode. 2. You will be able to choose between two options: PLAY (1) or SOLVE (2). Using the stylus, touch the number 2 on the bottom left side of the screen to input and solve a Sudoku puzzle. 3. The screen will then change to a blank 9x9 grid. Using the stylus, fill in the grid by first touching the number at the bottom of the screen you wish to select and then touching the box within the grid to place it. 4. Once you fill in all the numbers from the puzzle you want to solve, touch DONE at the top of the screen with the stylus. 5. The screen will then display “SOh/ED”and give you a choice between two options: DONE or ANS. NOTE: Before touching DONE with the stylus, ensure that the inputted numbers are in the correct arrangement. If the numbers are placed in the incorrect boxes, the Solver will display“UNSOLVED"on the screen because it violates the logical constraints of the puzzle. • If you touch DONE with the stylus, you can play the puzzle you just entered on your Sudoku unit. Touch ANS anytime during game play with the stylus to view a five-second flashing hint of the solution. • If you touch ANS with the stylus, you can view the completed Sudoku puzzle. Please note that this game is based on puzzles which have only one solution. Thus, there may be times toward the end of a puzzle where two different options for placing numbers are technically acceptable, but only one version is accepted as being correct by this handheld game. Due to the varying reliability of Sudoku puzzle sources, there is a remote possibility that the Sudoku Solver will be unable to solve the inputted puzzle. ——©2006 Techno Source. Product specifications and colors (MMjIiEkmltri0) All Rights Reserved. ™ 30 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong MADE IN CHINA IM-20700C Questions? Comments? Visit our website at: SCREEN ams88888done 1 © c Q&Q&Q&Q&Q, SiSiSiSjSiSjSjSjSj 8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j 8j8j8i8j8j8j8j8j8j 8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j 8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j8j 8j8j8j8j8i8j8j8j8j 8ÉQÀQàQAQÂQÀQÀSÂQA 123456789...

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