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Инструкция по эксплуатации Nortel Networks, модель Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging Fax

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All Enterprise Edge one line and two line display telephones provide Voice Messaging voice prompts. On telephones with display buttons, the voice prompts are delayed for five seconds. If you do not see an option on your telephone display, wait for the voice prompt to announce the additional options. To use FAX features, press the display buttons or the dialpad buttons on your telephone. When you see a display button like this: PLAY, or a dialpad button like this: U, press either button to activate the Voice Messaging feature. This guide shows you both methods. Note: This document explains the Enterprise Edge Voice Messaging features related to FAX. If you need instructions about other Voice Messaging features, refer to the Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging Set Up and Operation Guide or the Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging Reference Guide. Learning about FAX Enterprise Edge Voice Messaging FAX lets you use Fax features with your personal mailbox. A fax document in a mailbox is called a fax message. Fax messages can have a voice introduction. This means that a caller can leave a fax message in a mailbox with or without an introductory voice message. FAX lets a caller leave a fax message in a personal mailbox for a mailbox owner. The mailbox owner can: • retrieve and print the fax message on a fax machine • forward the fax message to another mailbox. P0911632 Issue 02 Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide 6 Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide About the Express Messaging Line An Express Messaging Line can be assigned to a mailbox. A fax message sent to the Express Messaging Line bypasses the greeting and the Automated Attendant. The fax message is sent immediately to your mailbox. You access the fax message the same way you access other fax messages. For more information about accessing fax messages, refer to Receiving a fax message on page 8. Ask your System Administrator for the telephone number of your Express Messaging Line. Then you can inform people of your direct fax line number. Your Personal mailbox greeting In your Personal mailbox greeting, you must inform callers that they can leave fax messages in your mailbox. Also inform callers that they must call from a fax machine telephone to send you a fax message. The caller must press START/SEND on the fax machine. Enterprise Edge Voice Messaging automatically receives and stores the fax message in your mailbox. For example: “Hello. You have reached Brian Purdy with Ideal Office Machines. I am in the office today, but I am currently away from the phone. Please leave your name, telephone number and a brief message after the tone. If you want to send me a fax and you are calling from a fax machine telephone, press the START/SEND button on the fax machine.” For more information about Personal mailbox greetings, refer to the Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging Set Up and Operation Guide or ask your System Administrator. Recording a Greeting To record a Greeting: 1. Press Aa.U. Pswd: OTHR RETRY OK 2. Enter your password and press OK or .. Your unique password is assigned when you first open your mailbox and perform the initialization steps. If you are recording a greeting from a telephone that is not assigned to your personal mailbox, press OTHR. The display shows the Log: prompt. When this prompt appears, enter your mailbox number and password. If you are using a one line display telephone, press . at the Pswd: prompt to reach the Log: prompt. 0 new 0 saved PLAY REC ADMIN 3. Press ADMIN or .. Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide P0911632 Issue 02 Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide 7 Mailbox admin GREET PSWD QUIT Greeting options REC CHOOSE CFWD Greeting: PRIME ALT PERS Record new? YES NO QUIT Record greeting: RETRY OK Accept greeting? RETRY PLAY OK 4. Press GREET or U. 5. Press REC or U. 6. Press PRIME or U. Note: Press ALT to record your Alternate Greeting. If you are changing your greeting, your current recorded Primary Greeting begins to play. 7. Press YES or U. 8. At the tone, record your greeting and press OK or . to end your recording. Do not use Handsfree to record a greeting. For best results, speak directly into the telephone handset, clearly and at a pace that is easy to understand. Note: In your greeting tell callers they can leave a fax message in your mailbox. Refer to Your Personal mailbox greeting on page 6. 9. Press OK or . to accept the greeting or press RETRY or U to erase and re-record the greeting or press PLAY or U to play the greeting. 10. Press . to end this session. P0911632 Issue 02 Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide 8 Enterprise Edge 2.0 Voice Messaging FAX User Guide Receiving a fax message You can receive two types of fax messages: non-voice introduced and voice introduced. An introduction is a voice message that a caller records to introduce a fax message. In a non-voice introduced fax message, a caller leaves only a fax message. A caller can send a fax ...

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