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Инструкция по эксплуатации Datavideo, модель MP6000MD

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Erase Disc (DVD+RW only) EJECT button. Press to Open/Close Disc Tray Jump to Next track (Title) Select the desired image as the Icon for the Title Finalize a DVD+R Disc (DVD+RW does not need finalizing) Move Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right There are two functions of ENTER button. 1. ENTER button Confirms Selected Option. 2. Enable/Disable DV device control functions when input source is set to DV 9 Functions: Rear Panel DIP switch DIP switch 1 OFF, •External device control by GPI trigger. DIP switch 1 ON (When this function is turned on, the front panel and GPI function will be disabled. Only “EJECT” will work.) •External device control enabled (by RS232) DIP switch 2 OFF •GPI function is set to Pulse Trigger. DIP switch 2 ON •GPI function is set to Level Trigger. Note: Please make sure the unit is turned off before changes to DIP switch. RS232 Remote Control interface • 9pin serial port standard RS232 interface • With additional PC remote software to remote control MP6000MD. AC Power connectorwith 1 Amp AntiSurge Fuse Connect to a suitable AC outlet (100 – 240 Volt AC). 10 Black Burst output terminal for video monitoring Component Y.U.V. Video output terminal. Component Y.U.V. Video input terminal. Composite Video & SVideo (Y/C) Input and Output IEEE1394 6pin FireWire (i.Link) DV Input and loop thru output Available in DV25 NTSC 4:1:1 or PAL4:2:0 format Note: This IEEE1394 interface does not take control commands or video signals froma PC / MAC. Two channels Unbalanced L/R Audio input and Output Cooling fan Please ensure this is not blocked during operation. Equipotential Terminal When connecting this unit to any othercomponent,make sure that it is properly grounded by connecting this terminal. When connecting, use the socket and be sure to use wire with a crosssectional area of at least 1.0 mm2. 11 Installation The following are simple examples of how to integrate the MP6000MD into any video setup. Obviously there are too many possible combinations to cover them all in detail, but these examples cover the most frequently used input and output combinations. 1. Connecting composite video and stereo audio outputs from the MP6000MD to a TV set / monitor. Alternatively you may prefer to connect the audio outputs to an amplifier or speakers. 2. Connecting YUV output from the MP6000MD to a Projector. 12 3. Connecting Y/C or Composite video and stereo audio outputs from an analogue camcorder or DVD player to the MP6000MD. 4. Connecting a DV (IEEE1394) output from a DV camcorder or DV Deck to the MP6000MD. With this connection you can also use DV device control from the MP6000MD to cue up the tape. 13 Quick Start Guide: As the heading suggests, this is the quick start section. If you require more detailed operating instructions please go to page 18. Step 1:Turn on power to the MP6000MD, the source and the monitor. Step 2: Press the “POWER” button, to turn on the MP6000MD. The word “MP6000” and then “BOOT” will appear on the display window. After a couple seconds, it will present “NO Disc” that means the tray is empty. Please place a disc on the tray. Note:The upper rightwindow on the TV screen will show two lines of data. One is the status of the unit, the other one is the input format setting. Step 3: Press the “EJECT” button once, the tray will come out, the word “OPEN” appears in the window. Please put the DVD+R or RW disc with the printing surface up, and then press the “EJECT” button again. The tray will return into the MP6000MD. Step 4:The word ' Reading ' appears on the screen, in the upper right corner. this means the MP6000MD is reading the disc. If the disc contains previous recordings, it will be detected during the read process. If there is a recording present you can press the “PLAY” key and play out the program immediately. Step 5: If it is a blank/brandnew disc, the MP6000MD will start the formatting process immediately. Awindow will appear saying “FORMATTING.”The entire process will take approximately 20 second. Note: It’s necessary to format the disc before you start recording. Step 6: Find the “VIDEO INPUT” under the MENU button to choose the input signal source. Step 7: Find the “VIDEO STANDARD” under the MENU button to choose the proper video standard, NTSC or PAL. Step 8: Find the “RECORD QUALITY” under the MENU button to choose HQ / SP / LP / EP / SLP record quality. Once this is set you can start recording. Step 9: Before you start to record, you can adjust video input source quality by using the color processor of the MP6000MD. 14 a. Press the “MENU” button once, choose '”2.COLOR CORRECTION”, then press the “ENTER” button. Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to move to different categories. • Brightness • Contrast • Color • Tint (This function only works on composite and Svideo input in NTSC standard.) Note: The Color Processor only works on analogue input signals, such as composite, Y/C, or component. It does notwork on a DV inputsignal. b. Press the “ENTER” button again, and use the Left and R...

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