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Инструкция по эксплуатации Aztech Systems, модель 32

Производитель: Aztech Systems
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WARNING IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ENCLOSED. READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE OPERATING TOOL. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EMPLOYER TO PLACE THE INFORMATION IN THIS MANUAL INTO THE HANDS OF THE OPERATOR. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING WARNINGS COULD RESULT IN INJURY. PLACING TOOL IN SERVICE • Always operate, inspect and maintain this tool in accordance with American National Standards Safety Code for Hydraulic Rams and Jacks (ANSI B30.1) • This tool will function using an air or electric powered hydraulic pump. Adhere to the pump safety requirements and follow instructions when connecting the pump to the tool. • Use only equipment rated for the same pressure and torque. • Use only a hydraulic pump capable of generating 10,000 psig (681 bar) maximum pressure with this tool. • Use only twin line hydraulic hose rated for 10,000 psig (681 bar) pressure with this tool. • Do not interchange the male and female swivel inlets on the tool or the connections on one end of the hose. Reversing the inlets will reverse the power stroke cycle and may damage the tool. • Do not use damaged, frayed or deteriorated hoses and fittings. Make certain there are no cracks, splits or leaks in the hoses. NOTICE • Use the quick connect system to attach the hoses to the tool and pump. Make certain the spring-loaded retaining rings are fully engaged and the safety rings are tightly threaded against the spring-loaded retaining rings to prevent the connectors from disengaging under pressure. • When connecting hoses that have not been preloaded with hydraulic oil, make certain the pump reservoir is not drained of oil during start-up. • Do not remove any labels. Replace any damaged labels. USING THE TOOL • Do not handle pressurized hoses. Escaping oil under pressure can penetrate the skin, causing serious injury. If oil is injected under the skin, see a doctor immediately. • Never pressurize uncoupled couplers. Only use hydraulic equipment in a coupled system. • Always wear eye protection when operating or performing maintenance on this tool.. • Always wear head and hand protection and protective clothing when operating this tool. The use of other than genuine replacement parts may result in safety hazards, decreased tool performance, and increased maintenance, and may invalidate all warranties. Repairs should be made only by authorized personnel. Refer all communications to Aztec Bolting Services Printed in U.S.A. For Technical Support and Information Contact: Aztec Bolting Services, Inc. 520 Dallas Street League City, TX 77573 Toll Free: (800) 233-TORK Fax: (281) 332-1780 E-mail: techsupport@bolting.com -1 - 2 - FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING WARNINGS COULD RESULT IN INJURY USING THE TOOL • Keep hands, loose clothing and long hair away from the reaction arm and working area during operation. Do not attempt to support the tool with your hands during operation. • This tool will exert a strong reaction force. Use proper mechanical support and correct reaction arm positioning to control these forces. Do not position the reaction arm so that it tilts the tool off the axis of the bolt and never use the swivel inlets as a reaction stop. • Avoid sharp bends and kinks that will cause severe back-up pressure in hoses and lead to premature hose failure. • Use accessories recommended by Aztec Bolting Services. • Use only impact sockets and accessories. Do not use hand (chrome) sockets or accessories. • Use only sockes and accesssories that correctly fit the bolt or nut and function without tilting the tool off the axis of the bolt. • This tool is not designed for working in explosive atmospheres • This tool is not insulated against electric shock. When using this tool with a pump having an electrical power source or circuits, follow the pump instructions for proper grounding. PLACING THE TOOL IN SERVICE CONNECTING THE TOOL 1. Attach the twin line hose to the swivel inlets of the Low Profile Driver Assembly using the spring–loaded quick connect ends. After making certain that they are fully engaged, thread the safety rings tightly against the spring–loaded retainer rings. 2. Connect the opposite ends of the hose to the Pump in the same manner. 3. Push the Link Retaining Pin out of the Low Profile Driver Assembly. 4. Mate the selected Ratchet Link to the Driver Assembly by inserting the end of the Driver opposite the Swivel Inlets between the Side Plates of the Ratchet Link. (Refer to Dwg. 1) 5. Align the Holes for the Link Retaining Pin and insert the Pin through the side plates and Driver to keep the units joined together. Do not use damaged, frayed or deteriorated hydraulic hoses and fittings. Operate at 10,000 psig (681bar) maximum pressure. 10,000 psig (681 bar) The Torque Reaction Arm must be positioned against a positive stop. Do not use the Arm as a dead handle. Take all precautions to make certain the operator’s hand cannot be pinched between the Arm and a solid object. Always wear eye protection when operating or performing maintenance on th...

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