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Инструкция по эксплуатации Creek Audio, модель Destiny

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However, if you are leaving the unit switched off for a long period, it is advisable to switch it off permanently by using the POWER SWITCH on the rear panel. TUNING Turn the knob left or right to manually fine tune stations after switching Mode to tuning. When tuned to the maximum frequency, it is possible to go to the minimum frequency quickly by continuing to turn the knob clockwise. The frequency will flip to the bottom 87.5Mhz on FM. PRE-SET Steps up or down through pre-set stations by turning the knob on the right after switching Mode to Pre-set. When using Pre-set mode, after reaching the last stored station in FM, the tuner will flip to any stored stations in AM, then back to FM if the knob is turned back or forward through all of the stored AM stations. MODE Press this button to select manual tuning or pre-set mode, when using the knob on the right of the panel. The button toggles between the 2 functions and the display will either show the pre-set station number, say 12F, for the station pre-set 12, or it will show 00F at the beginning to indicate free tuning and not pre-set. SCAN Pressing the Scan button will automatically search for the next tuned (strong) station. If you want to keep it, follow the "Store" procedure described below. STORE Use to set a station pre-set. Tune to the station you wish to save as a pre-set. Press the STORE button then press the MODE button (to select the PRE-SET mode). The band (FM or AM) and a pre-set number will be displayed and begin to flash. Turn the tuning/preset knob on the front panel until the desired number is displayed then press the STORE button. Any number from 1- 80 can be used for AM or FM pre-sets. Pre-sets can be set faster by using the remote control. Page Two DESTINY RDS FM/AM TUNER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BAND Press to toggle through FM auto/stereo, FM mono, and AM bands. FM auto/stereo is shown by the appearance Auto and Stereo at the top of the display. Auto will disappear and Mono will change to Stereo when a station is tuned in stereo and the signal strength is great enough to support it, noise free. REAR PANEL -CONNECTING TO OTHER EQUIPMENT INTERCONNECT CABLES To connect the tuner to an amplifier an interconnect cable is required. Any cable of reasonable quality terminated with RCA plugs will be suitable. Please consult your dealer if you are unsure. AUDIO OUTPUT These outputs are located on the back of the Destiny Tuner and are labelled ANALOGUE OUTPUT. Connect these outputs to the amplifier's tuner input. Match the Red interconnect lead to the R-ANALOGUE OUTPUT and the White interconnect lead to the L-ANALOGUE OUTPUT. ANTENNA One FM and one AM antenna are supplied. Connect the AM (two wire loop) antenna to the AM antenna clips on the rear panel. Connect the FM antenna (single piece of wire) to the FM 75 Ohm connection on the rear panel. To obtain the best FM or AM signal use a high quality directional external antenna. If in doubt consult your supplying dealer for advice. MAINS CONNECTION Check that the MAINS POWER switch on the back of the unit is in the off position. 1 = on 0 = off. Push the plug (IEC line socket) of the power cable supplied with the Destiny Tuner into the socket (MAINS IN) on the rear of the unit. Make sure it is pressed in firmly. Plug the other end of the power cable into an AC wall outlet. Switch the MAINS POWER switch to on – 1. USING THE REMOTE CONTROL Note: Install the two AAA batteries supplied with the remote control. The SRC2 handset is a system remote control and therefore not all buttons control the Destiny Tuner. Some buttons have multiple uses. (Refer to the Destiny CD manual for CD player button descriptions). Do not place anything in front of the display area of the unit, or the remote control may not work. The green coloured buttons allow you to clearly find the features for your Destiny tuner - blue buttons operate the Destiny CD player, ivory buttons operate the amplifier. The dark grey buttons are multi purpose. For example, to use any of those with your tuner, first press the TUNER product button located above the circle of buttons in the middle of the handset. The remote will then be programmed to ensure the dark grey buttons work for that device only. If you wish your tuner to go to a particular pre-set station, first press the Green Tuner button followed by the stored pre-set number. To choose a subsequent pre-set it is not necessary to press tuner again. When in tuner mode, the UP and DOWN buttons refer to pre-set stations, SCAN FORWARD and BACK will scan through stations. Waking up from STANDBY requires a button to be pressed for each product - e.g. to wake up the tuner, press any of the green tuner buttons. Page Three DESTINY RDS FM/AM TUNER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FM Frequency range 87.5 - 108.0 MHz Frequency response 15Hz to 12kHz +/- 1dB Usable sensitivity at 30dB S/N = 30dB 90MHz FM = 9dBu Selectivity (IHF) 30dB Signal to noise ratio @90MHz, 60dBu and 75kHz mod = 56db ...

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