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Инструкция по эксплуатации AT&T, модель E5865

Производитель: AT&T
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“Change call screening” When on, you can hear callers leave (Play/Stop) Options: On / Off messages, or answer the call. Press to set selection and exit menu “Change number of rings” Options: 2 / 4 / 6 /Toll Saver Choose number of rings before the system answers a call. When Toll Saver is active, the system answers after 2 rings if you have new messages, and after 4 rings if you have no new messages. NOTE: Press and hold CHANGE to advance the remote access code number by 10. 39 ATT-5865CIB-d5.qxd 1/3/2004 Number of messages waiting (or, during playback, message number currently playing) 14 Press PLAY/STOP to begin or end message playback 1 (Play/Stop) “You have [xx] new and [xx] old messages” Message playback begins. See options at right. 2 (Play/Stop) Message playback ends. NOTE: If “F” is flashing in the message window, memory is full. You will have to delete some messages before new ones can be received. NOTE: New (unheard) messages cannot be deleted. 11:32 AM Page 40 Answering System Operation Message playback Press PLAY/STOP to hear messages. The system announces the number of messages, then begins playback. If you have new messages waiting, you will hear only the new messages (oldest first). If there are no new messages, the system will play back all messages (oldest first). Announcements • When playback begins, you will hear the total number of messages. • Before each message, you will hear the day and time it was received. • After the last message, you will hear “End of messages.” If the system has less than 5 minutes of recording time left, you will hear time remaining. Options during playback • Press VOLUME button to adjust speaker volume. • Press SKIP to skip to next message (or hold down to speed up message playback). • Press REPEAT to repeat message currently playing. Press twice to hear previous message. (Hold down to slow message playback). • Press DELETE to delete message being played back. • Press PLAY/STOP to stop playback. To delete all messages To delete all messages, press and hold DELETE while the phone is idle (not during a call, or during message playback). 40 ATT-5865CIB-d5.qxd 1/3/2004 11:33 AM Page 41 Answering System Operation Recording and playing memos Memos are messages you record yourself. They are saved, played back and deleted exactly like incoming messages. You can record a memo as a reminder to yourself, or leave a message for someone else if others in your household use the answering system. To record a memo 12 Press to stop recording Elapsed recording time (seconds) RECORD 1 “Now recording...” 2 Speak into microphone Microphone 3 (Play/Stop) Beep (Memo has been recorded) Follow the steps at left to record a memo. Elapsed time (in seconds) are shown in the message window as you record. You can record a memo up to 4 minutes long. Memos less than 1 second long will not be recorded. To play back a memo Press PLAY/STOP to hear messages and memos (see page 40 for other options). 41 ATT-5865CIB-d5.qxd 1/3/2004 11:33 AM Page 42 Answering System Operation 12 Message window Message window displays The message window usually displays the total number of memos and incoming messages. See list below for explanation of other displays in this window. Message window displays 0 No messages waiting. 1-98 Number of messages/memos, or message currently playing (see page 40). 10-99 Current Remote Access Code while setting (see page 39). 1-8 Current volume level while adjusting 1-99 (counting) Elapsed time while recording a memo (see page 41) or announcement up to 90 seconds (page 37). 99 (flashing) Memo recording exceeded maximum time of 99 seconds. F (flashing) Memory is full. Messages must be deleted before new messages can be received. CL (flashing) Clock needs to be set (see page 36). A Announce Only mode is on (see page 38). -System is answering a call, or being accessed remotely. --(flashing) System is being programmed or initialized. On (or)OF Displayed for 1 second when any answering system setting is turned on or off. 42 ATT-5865CIB-d5.qxd 1/3/2004 Dial your telephone number from 1 any touch-tone phone 2 When system answers, enter 2digit Remote Access Code (“19” unless you have changed it) 11:33 AM Page 43 Answering System Operation Remote access A 2-digit security code is required to access your answering system from any touch-tone phone. This code is “19” by default; see page 39 to change it. 3 Enter remote commands Play messages Press to hear new messages (if none are (see list at right) #2 new, all play back). 4 Hang up to end call and save all Repeat or go back Press to repeat current message. Press undeleted messages #4 twice (# 4 # 4) to hear previous message. NOTE:If you pause for more than 10 seconds during remote access, you will hear a help menu listing all features & commands. If you issue no command for another 20 seconds, the call will end automatically. Skip to next message Press to skip current message and #6 advance to next message. Stop Press to stop any operation #...

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